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Affinity Health Plan
Web Design

About Affinity

Affinity Health Plan, Inc. provides managed care serves for customers in New York. The company offers outreach and care management programs; and child health plus, Medicaid, Medicare, qualified health plans, and family health plus. Affinity Health Plan, Inc. was formerly known as The Bronx Health Plan, Inc. and changed its name to Affinity Health Plan, Inc. in January 2002. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in Bronx, New York with community service centers in New York.

The mission of Affinity Health Plan is to improve the health and well-being of its Members, their families, and their communities in collaboration with primary care providers.

The Project

As a member of the UX team, I conducted a series of robust on-site discovery meetings to flush out the hopes and dreams of each unique product group and division within the company. The team then proceeded to digest, consolidate, and process all the information ascertained during the on-site to create a full set of functional clickable wireframes for the client to review. Once functionality, core layout and the site map was finalized, we moved the project into visual design where we brought the black and white wireframes to life with color, photos, sample content, and a variety of well designed generic content styles and elements. The design for Affinity’s new homepage shines a spotlight on content that was deemed to be most desirable, with a look and feel that centers on angular shapes, a brand loyal color scheme, intuitive and clean icons, and clear calls to action.

Our team reinvigorated Affinity’s online website with a responsive and immersive experience for it’s members and providers. We ensured Affinity’s mission and robust product offering didn’t get lost amid communicating everything they’re involved in doing, because they do a lot! We designed a site that emphasized ease of access, with a sophisticated lack of complexity – social sharing, product offerings, stories and community events were integrated and optimized with intuitive buttons and a seamless navigation plan. The result: less clicking and frustration for the end user. With a custom CMS at their disposal, Affinity is now equipped to easily keep their community updated with fresh and invigorating content.